BTL-4825 Smart Ultrasound & Stim Combo w/ 5cm Applicator

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BTL Combo 4825 Smart with 5cm applicator
BTL HandsFree Sono 6
BTL HandsFree Sono 4
Trolley for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
Battery Pack for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
BTL Multifrequency Soundhead 1cm
BTL Multifrequency Soundhead 5cm (Out of stock until mid-December, 2019)
Carry bag for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
HandsFree Sono Holder

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BTL-4825 Smart Ultrasound & Stim Combo w/ 5cm Applicator

Product Details:

  • The BTL Combo 4000 Premium and Smart devices allow the combination of up to 2¬†therapies (2 channel Stim & Ultrasound) in one unit!¬†
  • Easily design your own product based on the needs of any of your customer base and therapy preferences
  • The features of the BTL Combo devices follow the previous descriptions for the 2 channel Stim BTL-4625 Premium and Smart devices, with the BTL-4710 Premium and Smart ultrasound devices.
  • The Combo is also available as the BTL-4820 Smart model, with a smaller variety of stimulation currents as follows: Galvanic, Diadynamic, Trabert, Faradic, Neofaradic, Exponencial pulses, Rectangular, Russian, Stimulation, Trapezoid, Triangular, Combined, TENS, NPHV, Sequences, 2-pole Interferential and 4-pole Interferentia