BTL-4800 Smart Laser & Ultrasound Combo w/ 5cm Applicator

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BTL-4800 Smart Laser & Ultrasound Combo w/ 5cm Applicator
BTL HandsFree Sono 6
BTL HandsFree Sono 4
BTL Multifrequency Soundhead 1cm
BTL Multifrequency Soundhead 5cm
BTL Safety glasses, L3 level protection or higher
HandsFree Sono Holder
HandsFree Sono holder for trolley
Trolley for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
Battery Pack for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
Carry bag for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
BTL Infrared cluster 830 nm / 1300 mW total output, blue navigation
BTL Infrared cluster 830 nm / 800 mW total output, blue navigation
BTL Infrared probe – convergent 830 nm / 400 mW, green navigation
BTL Infrared probe – convergent 830 nm / 200 mW, green navigation

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BTL-4800 Smart Laser & Ultrasound Combo w/ 5cm Applicator

Product Details: 

  • Sleek design and advanced technology have made BTL the leading brand for electrotherapy  unit
  • This advanced technology is made to made for more efficient therapy & improve clinician's accuracy
  • The BTL Smart & Premium combo devices allow the combination of up to 3 therapies (2 channel Stim, LLLT & Ultrasound) in one unit! Easily design your own product based on the needs of any of your customer base and therapy preferences.

  • The features of the BTL Combo devices follow the previous descriptions for the 2 channel Stim BTL-4625 Smart and Premium devices, with the BTL-4710 Smart and Premium ultrasound devices as well as the BTL-4110 Smart & Premium Low Level Laser devices. MDALL 80320. MDALL pending for BTL-4825SL-Premium.

Product Details: 

  • Select up to 8 QUICK protocols for each therapy
  • Body Parts navigation gives fast access to localized protocols
  • Large 7” colour touch screen
  • Easy management of Patient Database, with easy recall of records and treatments
  • Includes rotary knob for increasing intensity

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