BTL-4625 Smart - 2 Channel IFC

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BTL-4625 Smart - 2 Channel IFC
Trolley for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
Carry bag for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
Battery Pack for BTL-4000 Smart/Premium
12x10cm Carbon IFC Electrode (Each)
12x10cm Electrode Sponge (Each)

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BTL-4625 Smart - 2 Channel IFC 

Product Benefits:

  • Sleek design and advanced technology have made BTL the leading brand for electrotherapy unit
  • This 2 channel stim and IFC is designed to decrease muscle spasms and reducing pain for your patients
  • This advanced technology is made to made for more efficient therapy & improve clinician's accuracy
  • The premium model features 7" color touchscreen offers detailed visualization
  • The BTL premium has numerous preset functions, with color anatomical images and therapy illustration
  • Patient database feature allows a patient's information to be saved and recalled for convenient

Product Details:

  • A complete range of waveforms, including: Galvanic, Diadynamic, Trabert, Faradic, Neofaradic, Exponencial pulses, Rectangular, Russian, Stimulation, Trapezoid, Triangular, Combined, TENS, NPHV, Sequences, 2-pole Interferential and 4-pole Interferential, Isoplanar, Intereptuded, Leduc, H-wave, Microcurrent, Mid-frequency surges, Spastic stimulations, HVT, IG pulses, Modulated pulsed current, VMS current, Kotz current and EPIR

  • Large colour touch screens (Premium is 7”; Smart is 4.3”) provide clear visualization of all important information

  • Extensive library of Preset Protocols, classified according to biological effects, with full colour anatomical images and therapy descriptions including applicator position

  • Programmable sequences

  • Optional light weight battery increases portability

  • Suitable for combined therapy

  • Connect to the Vacuum unit

  • Optional trolley

Accessories Included:

  • 1 Channel 1 lead (light grey)
  • 1 Channel 2 lead (dark grey)
  • 1 7x5cm Carbon IFC Electrodes
  • 1 Sponge for 5x7cm Electrodes 

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