Breg Shortrunner Knee Brace


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Breg Shortrunner Knee Brace

Product Benefits:

  • Breg ShortRunner knee brace featuring low profile polycentric hinges with contoured condyle baskets with full flexion and extension control 
  • ShortRunner shares all benefits as the standard Roadrunner but 13" length is ideal for petite users and adolescents 
  • This Breg knee brace featuring Airmesh which is a non-neoprene & latex-free material 
  • It is ideal for those who are allergic to neoprene 
  • Airmesh allows breathability which absorbing moisture, wicking it away from the body 

Product Details:

  • Breg shortrunner knee brace measures 13” in length 
  • Available in Airmesh and Neoprene 
  • Available wrap-around style or slip-on style
  • Wrap-around style is suitable for larger legs or patients who have hard time bending over
  • Slip-on style provides a snug feeling 
  • Option of cutout in back of the knee is available to prevent bunching and prevent sweat accumulation 

Treatment / Prevention of following injuries:

  • ACL knee pain 
  • PCL, MCL, LCL knee injuries 
  • Meniscal injuries 
  • Osteoarthritis discomfort 

How to Measure:

Measurement is taken thigh circumference taken 6" (15cm) above mid-patella. Please see above sizing chart. 

** Important:
Due to Breg's territorial distribution agreement, we now can ship to Ontario only at this point.