Breg Recover Knee Brace


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Breg Recover Knee Brace

Product Benefits:

  • Start feeling better with this Breg Recover knee brace so you can get back to doing what you love
  • This post-op knee support is desigend to improve the quality of your life after a surgery
  • This hinged ligament knee brace will offer you the functionality of a post-operative brace so you have a faster recovery 
  • The wraparound design allows patients to apply the brace with ease 
  • This knee brace utilizes the Breg patented T Scope Premier user-friendly hinge, which offers range of motion control of the knee with simple, quick adjustments. 

Product Details: 

  • T Scope Premier hinge offers extension adjustability between -10° and 70°, while flexion may be adjusted between -10° and 120°
  • Easy to use extension drop lock allows the brace to be locked out in 5 position (in -10°, 0, 10°, 20°, and 30°) of knee extension with the push of a button
  • This product, available in both Long (16”) and Short (13") lengths
  • Low profile feature 
  • Airmesh or Neoprene available, patients can choose the material that best meets their needs
  • Airmesh is more breathable
  • Neoprene is thicker, provides more compression
  • Universal fit for a right or left leg
  • Open back design to ensure no bunching or pinching of the popliteal crease of the knee
  • Does not contain natural latex

Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries: 

  • Knee pain relief 
  • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries or instabilities
  • Tibial Plateau fracture
  • Meniscal injuries and repairs
  • Sprains/strains of the knee
  • Osteochondral repairs
  • Patella Tendon repairs
  • Post-op recovery 

How to Measure: 

Take measurement of knee circumference at 6" above mid patella 

Sizing Chart

* Important:
Due to Breg's territorial distribution agreement, we now can ship to Ontario only at this point.