Body Massage Hot Stone Set - 22 Pieces


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Body Massage Hot Stone Set - 22 Pieces

Product Benefits:

  • These massage stones can be simply placed on various parts of the body to administer therapeutic heat
  • The heat from the stones relaxes the clients’ muscles, allowing the therapist to penetrate problem areas more deeply and effectively
  • The overall effect of a hot stone massage is increased circulation, improved blood flow, and reduction of toxins in the body 

Product Details:

  • Each stone has been power cleaned before being sorted and packaged
  • Please note that our massage stones are not coated with oil and may have a lighter appearance than that in the pictures
  • The stones will become darker in color when they come in contact with oil
  • Comes with a Bamboo Storage Box

 22 Hot Stones Included:

  • 8 Large flat ovular basalt ( 4 for back, 4 for thigh)
  • 8 Medium flat ovular basalt ( 4 for arm, 4 for calf)
  • 4 Small flat ovular basalt ( forehead, head crown)
  • 2 Miniature pressure point basalt ( for the neck or backside)

Helpful Hints When Using Hot Stones:

  • Always use stones slightly wet and well oiled (but not dripping)
  • Make sure the client’s skin is well lubricated with the selected oil with aromatic formulae for the client’s skin type
  • Avoid clicking the stones together
  • Always rinse off stones and your hands in between clients