BioStim NMS2 - Digital TENS & NMES Unit (Out of Stock until End of May, 2019)


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Out of Stock until End of May, 2019

BioStim NMS2 - Digital TENS & NMES Unit

Product Benefits:

  • The BioStim NMS2 - Digital TENS & NMES Unit is the perfect choice is you are looking for a flexible, powerful, comfortable and user friendly tens machine!
  • Toggle from pain relief settings, to a muscle building program with the push of one button!
  • Symmetrical bi-phasic square waveform and asymmetrical bi-phasic square to target both nerve endings and muscle for pain relief and muscle re-education
  • Adjustable pulse width setting enables patients of all tolerance levels to achieve success in their rehab program.
Product Details:
  • 8 Pre-Set Therapy Settings
  • Channels: Dual
  • Waveform: Symmetrical biphasic square (SYM) and Asymmetrical biphasic square (ASYM)
  • Pulse Rate: Adjustable 1-120 Hz (Hertz); pulses/sec
  • Pulse Width: Adjustable 50-400 μS (microseconds)
  • Ramp On, Ramp Off: 0-10 seconds
  • Patient Timer: 0-99 minutes
  • Modes: Constant, Cycled, Reciprocal
  • Intensity/Output Voltage: Continuously adjustable from 0-120mA, peak (0-60V) +/- 10%
  • Tolerance: All parameters +/- 2% unless otherwise noted
  • Power Supply: 4 batteries Type AA
  • MDALL 74188
  • Size: 3.9" x 2.6" x 1.3" (99mm x 65mm x 33 mm)
  • Weight: 8 oz (266 grams)
  • Replacment Lead Wires can be purchased separately