BioStim M7 TENS Unit


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BioStim M7 TENS Unit

Product Benefits:

  • This TENS device is used to help with muscle pain and spasms due to injury or general muscle pain 
  • By using a device such as this, it can help relax the muscle and in turn relieve pain 
  • This unit has seven different programs, allowing you to customize based on comfort level
  • The device has a Patient Lock System that, when activated prevents the patient from changing any of the set parameters
  • When the Patient Lock Systems is turned off, a Patient Compliance Meter is displayed showing how long the device was used
Product Details:
  • Seven Programmable Functions: Continuous, Width Modulation, Rate Modulation, Rate and Width Modulation, SD1, SD2 and Cycled Burst
  • Patient Lock System 
  • Timer is displayed on the screen 
  • The two-channel device incorporates touch proof design
  • Run by two AA batteries
  • Replacement lead wires can be purchased separately
This TENS unit includes:
  • One device 
  • Two (2) lead wires
  • One (1) pack of 4 electrodes 
  • Two (2) AA batteries
  • Instruction booklet
  • Carrying case 

Product Specifications: 

biostim m7 specifications