Bauerfeind VenoTrain Stocking Detergent


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Bauerfeind VenoTrain Stocking Detergent

Product Benefits:

  • Keep your compression stockings in top shape!
  • Bauerfeind VenoTrain Special Detergent has been formulated to effectively clean your support stockings. 
  • With each bottle you can expect up to 10 gentle washes and you’ll enjoy the fresh scent formula. 
  • You have the choice to use the special detergent for hand washing or in your washing machine. 
  • Fabric softener is not needed since it can actually reduce the effect of the compression materials in the stocking. 
  • Bauerfeind special liquid detergent will extend the life or your stockings and keep them looking as good as new!

Product Details:

  • Gentle and effective care
  • Lasting protection
  • 10 washes per bottle
  • Fresh scent
  • Suitable for all elastic textile materials
  • Sold as single bottle