Bauerfeind Spinova Unload Plus Back Brace


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Bauerfeind Spinova Unload Plus Back Brace

Product Benefits:

  • Start feeling better with this Bauerfeind back brace so you can get back to doing what you love
  • The bridging frame distributes the forces acting on the spine out toward the thoracic spine, pelvis and sacrum to reduce lordosis of the lumbar spine
  • So this Spinova Unload Plus back brace will give you a pain relief of the lumbar spine
  • The abdominal pad compresses the abdomen and also helps to straighten the spine for a fast healing process 
  • This brack support is individually adapted to the shape of the body to ensure the maximum comfort 

Product Details: 

  • Fitted easily without the need for any great effort
  • Breathable elastic mesh material
  • Flat, light and comfortable
  • Adjustments can be made using the bridging frame
  • A tensioning strap system
  • Choose between short or long depending on body length 
  • Short: < 170cm
  • Long: > 170cm 
  • * Can only be ordered by healthcare practitioners and shipped to practitioners office (doctors, chiropractic office) * 
  • * It is strongly recommended to see a health care provider for proper support adjustment when purchasing this product *
  • * Special order item takes 2-4 weeks shipping and is non-refundable*

Treatment / Prevention of the following Injuries: 

  • Lower back pain relief 
  • Lumbar sciatica
  • post-operative stabilization
  • Lumbar spine fractures

How to Measure: 

Measurement is taken at the waist 

 Size   Waist in cm 
1 70 - 80
2 80 - 90
3 90 - 105
4 105 - 115
5 115 - 125
6 125 - 140