Bauerfeind OmoLoc Arm Sling


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Bauerfeind OmoLoc Arm Sling

Product Benefits:

  • Bauerfeind OmoLoc arm sling immobilizes the shoulder joint straight and holds the arm securely 
  • This arm sling is made up of the pelvic/abdominal strap and three individually adjustable arm loops 
  • The arm loops can be positioned freely along the abdominal strap to suit the patient's body shape 
  • This Bauerfeind OmoLoc is designed to hold the arm in the 0-degree abduction position and keeps the elbow bent at 90-100 degrees to limit movement reduces pain 
  • All Bauerfeind braces are from Germany and they are top-notch knee braces on the market

Product Details:

  • This arm sling is easy to put on 
  • It can also be worn by the patient at night 
  • Breathable material is gentle on your skin, especially around the wound 
  • No shoulder strap is required to wear the Bauerfeind Shoulder Brace 

Treatment / Prevention of following injures:

  • Shoulder dislocation 
  • Shoulder immobilization following surgery 
  • Shoulder pain 

How to Measure:

Loosely measure the circumference just below your waist.

Please refer sizing chart below to determine sizes 

Size 1 2
Waist in inches  up to 39.25"   39.25 - 51.25"