Bauerfeind MAlleoLoc L3 Ankle Brace


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Bauerfeind MAlleoLoc L3 Ankle Brace 

Product Benefits:

  • This ankle brace is designed to help to protect an unstable ankle from excessive strain. 
  • The MalleoLoc L3 ankle support can be adapted for multi-stage treatment and patients with chronic conditions
  • Its stabilizing protection can be adjusted in three steps depending on the progress of the treatment or individual requirements
  • Using an L shell and securing straps, it stabilizes at the outside of the ankle. 
  • In addition, a muscle-activating compression support is integrated. 
  • The shell and straps can be removed easily. 
  • The MalleoLoc L3 provides secure support and fits in narrow everyday shoes, thanks to its slim design
  • Titan colour 
  • Choose Right or Left 

How to Measure: