Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Ankle Brace


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Bauerfeind MalleoLoc Ankle Brace

Product Benefits:

  • Bauerfeind Malleoloc ankle brace provides immediate care to stabilize your ankle 
  • Its anatomically self-shaping feature is contoured to conform to the outside edge of the foot and keep it from twisting to the side 
  • Since your heel and toes are free, this ankle brace still allows the normal heel-to-toe movement of the foot 
  • The bottom of the brace is with tongue-shaped protrusion so that it stimulates the large shin muscle which will help you to move with confidence 

Product Details:

  • Made in Germany 
  • Bauerfeind MalleoLoc fits snugly on the foot and can be worn without a shoe 
  • Featuring velcro strap system with clip mechanism makes application easy 
  • Low-fatigue cushioning 
  • Specify right or left when ordering 
  • Available in normal and wide heel widths (see measurement below) 

Treatment / Prevention of following injuries:

  • Sprained ankle 
  • Torn ankle ligaments
  • Capsular ligament strains
  • Post-surgery rehabilitation
  • Chronic ankle weakness

How to Measure:

Measure the width of your heel at the back:

  • Normal – less than 6 cm
  • Wide – more than 6cm