ASO Vortex Ankle Brace


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ASO Vortex Ankle Brace

Product Benefits:

  • ASO Vortex is the ultra low-profile ankle brace since it does not have a boot, it is ideal for those who cannot tolerate any bulky materials in their shoe 
  • The secret lies in the figure-eight strapping system, this ankle support still provide you with the ankle protection as desired 
  • The straps are angled so that they wrap as closely to your foot as possible, allowing firm stabilization to support the ankle 
  • The straps are also anchored to the upper portion of the brace and everything is held in place with an adjustable elastic cuff 
  • Great ankle brace for sports including basketball, volleyball, running, and soccer

Product Details:

  • Ultra low profile design to fit in any type of shoe 
  • Breathable nylon for durability and breathablity 
  • Bilateral design which fits right or left foot 
  • US manufacturing for higher quality control standards 
  • Machine wash gentle cycle, no bleach. Air dry

Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:

  • Ankle sprain 
  • Ankle strains 
  • Medial ankle pain 
  • Lateral ankle pain

How to Measure:

Take the circumference of ankle around the heel and over the top of the foot, see above measurement image.

Please refer sizing chart below to choose the correct size.

 Size   Circunference in inch 
 X-Small   10"-11"
 Small  11"-12"
 Medium   12"-13"
 Large  13"-14"
 X-Large   14"-15"
 XX-Large   15"-16"