AS Super 4 Digital Needle Stimulator


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AS Super 4 Digital Needle Stimulator

Product Benefits: 

  • This innovative AS Super 4 Digital needle stimulator sets a new standard for electrostimulation of acupuncture points
  • This allows you to fine-tune your treatments with exacting precision for a great patient experience 
  • This 4 digital needle stimulator has the highest quality electronics, latest technical innovation, easy-to-use operating elements, and reliable safety standards
  • The AS SUPER4 Digital lets you adjust the intensity in 0.1mA increments, allowing you to find the exact level needed for each patient
  • Record exact intensity settings in your patients' file, so you can pick up precisely where you left off at your next appointment

Product Details:

  • Note: This device is not to be used for TENS stimulation
  • Electrical needle stimulation is also called electro-acupuncture
  • It is a recognized part of Chinese medicine and has been used for years with great success as a complimentary part of traditional acupuncture
  • 30 fixed programs (including HAN)
  • 7 free programs
  • 4 channels - up to 8 needles
  • Digital 
  • Sound ON/OFF
  • Interlocking keypad function
  • AKS for skin protection
  • Intensity turns OFF if circuit is not closed for better safety
  • Display indicates battery level
  • Ability to pause stimulation
  • Intensity settings in 0.1mA steps
  • Battery operation or mains supply
  • 2 Year Warranty Guarantee included. This does NOT cover accessories such as cables, needles/electrodes, and mains circuit adapter.