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Anatomical Models

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Product Name Qty
Flexible Skeleton (Out of stock until further notice)
Standard Skeleton
Super Skeleton
Super Duper Skeleton

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Anatomical Models

Product Details for All Skeletons:

  • Made in Germany
  • All skeletons show all 206 – 214 bones of a normal adult male
  • Each of the 24 vertebrae, 12 ribs, 26 foot, & 27 hand bones are individually mounted
  • When possible, a joint shows its natural movement because of special U-brackets
  • Arms, legs, & skull can be removed for transport
  • Stand & dust cover included
  • All skeletons offered build on the basic composition of the Standard Skeleton
  • Skeleton on Stand: 180x40x25 cm
  • 5-Legged Pelvic Stand: 60cm radius
  • Total weight: 11kg
  • Warranty: 5 Years

Product Details for Flexible Skeleton:

  • Our Flexible Skeleton is modified with a flexible spinal column & soft discs showing natural deformation, to allow demonstration of natural movements of the spine & thorax (flexion/extension, side flexion, breathing techniques), as well as poor spinal & torso positioning, or deformities
  • It shows the spinal cord & nerve endings, arteries, L4/L5 herniated disc, & a sectioned sacrum with a removable bony flap to show the nerve pathways
  • Detachable knees; lower leg & foot removable
Product Details for Super Skeleton:
  • Our Super-Skeleton illustrates painted muscle origins (red) & insertions (blue) with a numbered Legend; flexible shoulder, elbow, hip & knee ligaments; & numbered anatomical structural details with an additional Legend
  • A Super-Duper Skeleton adds the hand & foot ligaments to the Super Skeleton