Aircast Leg Brace


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Aircast Leg Brace

Product Benefits:

  • Start feeling better with this Air Cast leg brace so you can get back to doing what you love.  
  • This leg brace is designed to provide functional management of lower leg fractures so you can get a relief 
  • Featuring semi-rigid, anatomically designed shells to stabilize and protect the leg for the faster healing process 
  • This Aircast brace has a dual Aircell system to enhance circulation and reduce swelling so you go back to your normal life 
  • Option to add the Anterior Panel for additional tibial protection

Product Details:

  • A sock is included with each brace 
  • Pre-Inflated aircells for easy application 
  • Transfer of weight-bearing load to reduce causative forces of injury
  • Easy fit in shoes for early protected weight-bearing
  • Choose right and left for your needs 
  • Two sizes available

Treatment / Prevention of the following injuries:

  • Leg pain relief 
  • Lower leg fracture 
  • Leg injuries 
  • Weak leg stabilization 

How to Measure:

  • Small size: 13" of height 
  • Standard size is 15.5" of height